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Industrial Applications Based on the DLV System

Giovanni Grasso, Salvatore Iiritano, Nicola Leone, Francesco Ricca


Answer Set Programming (ASP) [1] is a powerful logic programming language. The high knowledge modeling power of ASP, and the availability of efficient ASP systems, has implied a renewed interest in this formalism in recent years, due to the need for representing and manipulating complex knowledge arising in emerging areas like Knowledge Management. One of the most relevant ASP systems is DLV [2]. DLV is widely used by researchers all over the world, and, importantly, it has stimulated quite some interest also in industry. Indeed, even if the industrial exploitation of DLV has started very recently, DLV already has a history of applications on the industrial level.

The most valuable applications from a commercial viewpoint are those in the area of Knowledge Management. They have been realized by the company EXEURA s.r.l. - a spin-off company of the University of Calabria - with the support of the DLVSYSTEM s.r.l.. through some specializations of DLV into Knowledge Management (KM) products for Text Classification (the OLEX [4] system) Information Extraction (the HiLex [5] system), and Ontology Representation and Reasoning (the OntoDLV [3] system). In the following, we report a brief description of every recently-released successful industrial application based on DLV.

Team Building in the Gioia-Tauro Seaport. [6] The port authority of Gioia Tauro is employing a system, based on OntoDLV, for the automatic generation of the teams of employees. The system can build new teams or complete the allocation automatically when the roles of some key employees are fixed manually.

E-Tourism The core of the e-touring system IDUM [7] is an OntoDLV ontology that both models the domain of discourse (i.e., geographic information, user preferences, and touristic offers, etc.) and stored the available data. The ontology is automatically populated by analyzing touristic leaflets with HiLex; then, IDUM mimics the behavior of the typical employee of a travel agency for finding the best possible travel solution in a short time by running a set of specifically devised logic programs.

Automatic Itinerary Search. In this application, commisioned by the Calabrian Region, the user can ask for the automatic construction of a complete itinerary from a given place to another and the system provides it with several possible solutions. A set of specifically devised ASP programs, reasoning on an OntoDLP ontology, are used to build the required itineraries.

e-Government. In this field, an application of the OLEX system was developed, in which legal acts and decrees issued by public authorities are classified. The system was validated with the help of the employees of the Calabrian Region administration, and it performed very well by obtaining an f-measure of 92% and a mean precision of 96% in real-world documents.

e-Medicine. OLEX was employed for developing a system able to classify automatically case histories. Available documents are classified by the system in order to help the analysts while searching for specific pathologies, supplied services, etc. The system has been deployed and is currently employed by the personnel of the ULSS n.8 (which is, a local authority for health services) of the area of Asolo, in the Italian region Veneto.


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