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Workshop Programme

20th RCRA International Workshop on

"Experimental Evaluation of Algorithms for solving problems with combinatorial explosion"

Computer Science Department
Sapienza University
Rome, Italy
Congress room, ground floor

Friday 14 June 2013
 9:15  Registration
 9:45  Welcome 

 Evaluation of AI Tools
 10:00  Jean Remy Bourguet, Giuseppe Cicala, Luca Pulina and Armando Tacchella
 An experimental evaluation of tools for Ontology-Based Data Access
 10:30  Domenico Bertoncelli, Pasquale Caianiello and Stefania Costantini
 Feature Selection in High Dimension Sample Spaces
 Coffee break

 Answer Set Programming
 11:20  Mario Alviano and Wolfgang Faber
 Solving NP-SPEC Domains Using ASP
 11:50  Francesco Calimeri, Giovambattista Ianni, Simona Perri and Jessica Zangari
 The Eternal Battle between Determinism and Nondeterminism: preliminary Studies in the Sudoku Domain
 12:20  Esra Erdem, Doga G. Kisa, Umut Oztok and Peter Schüller
 Experimental Evaluation of Multi-Agent Pathfinding Problems using Answer Set Programming
 Lunch break

 Satisfiability and Optimization
 14:30  Antonio Morgado, Mark Liffiton and Joao Marques-Silva
 MaxSAT-Based MCS Enumeration
 15:00  Ruben Martins, Vasco Manquinho and Inês Lynce
 Model-based Partitioning for MaxSAT Solving
 15:30  Zineb Habbas, Kamal Amroun and Daniel Singer
 A cluster-oriented Forward Checking Algorithm based on Generalized Hypertree Decomposition
 Coffee break

 16:30  Filip Dvorak, Daniel Toropila and Roman Bartak
 Towards AI Planning Efficiency: Finite-domain State Variable Reformulation
 17:00  Alfonso Gerevini, Alessandro Saetti and Ivan Serina
 Case-based Planning for Problems with Real-valued Fluents: Kernel Functions for Effective Plan Retrieval
 RCRA 2013 social dinner

Saturday 15 June 2013

 9:30  David Fernandez, Sergio Gonzalez, Angel Juan and Daniel Riera
 A Heuristic Algorithm for the Resource Assignment Problem in Satellite Telecommunication Networks
 10:00  Amedeo Cesta, Andrea Orlandini and Alessandro Umbrico
 Toward a general purpose software environment for timeline-based planning
 Coffee break

 11:00  Matthias Sauer, Sven Reimer, Stefan Kupferschmid, Tobias Schubert, Paolo Marin and Bernd Becker
 Applying BMC, Craig Interpolation and MAX-SAT to Functional Justification in Sequential Circuits
 11:30  Andrea Peano, Maddalena Nonato, Marco Gavanelli, Stefano Alvisi and Marco Franchini
 A Bilevel Mixed Integer Linear Programming Model for Valves Location in Water Distribution Systems
 12:00  Federico Campeotto, Agostino Dovier and Enrico Pontelli
 Protein Structure Prediction on GPU: an experimental report
 Closing remarks and end of the workshop