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RCRA 2013 accepted papers

David Fernandez, Sergio Gonzalez, Angel Juan and Daniel Riera
A Heuristic Algorithm for the Resource Assignment Problem in Satellite Telecommunication Networks

Antonio Morgado, Mark Liffiton and Joao Marques-Silva.
MaxSAT-Based MCS Enumeration

Alfonso Gerevini, Alessandro Saetti and Ivan Serina.
Case-based Planning for Problems with Real-valued Fluents: Kernel Functions for Effective Plan Retrieval

Jean Remy Bourguet, Giuseppe Cicala, Luca Pulina and Armando Tacchella.
An experimental evaluation of tools for Ontology-Based Data Access

Zineb Habbas, Kamal Amroun and Daniel Singer.
A cluster-oriented Forward Checking Algorithm based on Generalized Hypertree Decomposition

Federico Campeotto, Agostino Dovier and Enrico Pontelli.
Protein Structure Prediction on GPU: an experimental report

Esra Erdem, Doga G. Kisa, Umut Oztok and Peter Schüller.
Experimental Evaluation of Multi-Agent Pathfinding Problems using Answer Set Programming

Amedeo Cesta, Andrea Orlandini and Alessandro Umbrico.
Toward a general purpose software environment for timeline-based planning

Ruben Martins, Vasco Manquinho and Inês Lynce.
Model-based Partitioning for MaxSAT Solving

Francesco Calimeri, Giovambattista Ianni, Simona Perri and Jessica Zangari.
The Eternal Battle between Determinism and Nondeterminism: preliminary Studies in the Sudoku Domain

Domenico Bertoncelli, Pasquale Caianiello and Stefania Costantini.
Feature Selection in High Dimension Sample Spaces

Mario Alviano and Wolfgang Faber.
Solving NP-SPEC Domains Using ASP

Matthias Sauer, Sven Reimer, Stefan Kupferschmid, Tobias Schubert, Paolo Marin and Bernd Becker.
Applying BMC, Craig Interpolation and MAX-SAT to Functional Justification in Sequential Circuits

Filip Dvorak, Daniel Toropila and Roman Bartak.
Towards AI Planning Efficiency: Finite-domain State Variable Reformulation

Andrea Peano, Maddalena Nonato, Marco Gavanelli, Stefano Alvisi and Marco Franchini.
A Bilevel Mixed Integer Linear Programming Model for Valves Location in Water Distribution Systems