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Workshop Programme

19th RCRA International Workshop on

"Experimental Evaluation of Algorithms for solving problems with combinatorial explosion"

In association with the 12-th AI*IA Symposium on Artificial Intelligence (AI*IA 2012)


Workshop venue: Via Ariosto, 25

Sapienza University
Department of Computer, Control, and Management Engineering "Antonio Ruberti"
Via Ariosto 25
00185 Rome, Italy

Thursday 14 June 2012 (Aula Magna)
 8:30  Registration
 9:00  Welcome 

 Propositional Satisfiability (session chair: A. Oddi)
 9:10  Alessandro Dal Palù, Agostino Dovier, Andrea Formisano and Enrico Pontelli
 CUD@SAT: GPU parallelism for SAT Solving
 9:40  Alessandro Armando, Angela Contento, Daniele Costa and Marco Maratea
 Minimum Disclosure as Boolean Optimization: New Results
 10:00  Ruben Martins, Vasco Manquinho and Inês Lynce
 Clause Sharing in Deterministic Parallel Maximum Satisfiability
 10:30  Mikolas Janota, Ines Lynce and Joao Marques-Silva
 Experimental Analysis of Backbone Computation Algorithms
 Coffee break

 Planning and Scheduling 1 (session chair: R. Bartak)
 11:30  Lorenzo Foti, Marco Maratea, Simona Sacone and Silvia Siri
 Solving Train Load Planning Problems with Boolean Optimization
 11:50  Marco Gavanelli, Maddalena Nonato, Andrea Peano, Stefano Alvisi and Marco Franchini
 Genetic Algorithms for Scheduling Devices Operation in a Water Distribution System in Response to
 Contamination Events

 12:20  Miguel A. González, Camino R. Vela, Ramiro Varela and Inés González-Rodríguez
 Scatter Search and Path Relinking for the Job Shop Scheduling Problem with Sequence Dependent and  non-Anticipatory Setup Times 
 12:50  Carlos Mencía, María R. Sierra, Miguel A. Salido, Joan Escamilla and Ramiro Varela
 Combining Global Pruning Rules with Depth-First Search for the Job Shop Scheduling Problem  with Operators 
 Lunch break

 Plenary AI*IA 2012 Sessions
 14:00  Announcement of AI*IA 2012 prize winners
 Coffee break

 15:30  Symposium in remembrance of Marco Cadoli: invited talks by M. Lenzerini, M. Schaerf, G. Gottlob, T. Eiter,
 L. Palopoli, A. Schaerf, T. Mancini, F. Scarcello, F. M. Donini, P. Liberatore
 19:00  Projection of the docudrama: "The Codebreaker" on Alan Turing (full AI*IA 2012 registration required)
 RCRA 2012 social dinner

Friday 15 June 2012 (Room B2 "Marco Cadoli")

 Plenary AI*IA 2012 Session
 9:00  Invited talk by Roberto Cordeschi: Turing and Artificial Intelligence
 (full AI*IA 2012 registration required)

 Constraints 1 (session chair: M. Gavanelli)
 10:00  Richard Wallace
 SAC and Neighbourhood SAC
 10:30  Roman Barták and Vladimír Rovenský
 Automated Verification of Nested Workflows with Extra Constraints: An Experimental Study
 Coffee break

 Constraints 2 (session chair: W. Faber)
 11:30  Richard Wallace
 Experimental study of constraint weights obtained by random probing and other techniques
 12:00  Massimiliano Cattafi, Rosa Herrero, Marco Gavanelli, Maddalena Nonato, Federico Malucelli and
 Juan José Ramos
 An Application of Constraint Solving for Home Health Care

 Learning and Bayesian Networks (session chair: F. Riguzzi)
 12:30  Silvana Badaloni, Francesco Sambo and Francesco Venco
 On Hybridizing Complete Bayesian Network Structure Search With Independence Tests 
 13:00  Luca Pulina
 A Swarm Intelligence Approach for Biometrics Verification and Identification 
 Lunch break

 Plenary AI*IA 2012 Session
 14:00  Invited talk by Georgios Yannakakis: Game AI Is Dead --- Long Live Game AI!
 (full AI*IA 2012 registration required)

 Planning and Scheduling 2 (session chair: M. Maratea)
 15:00  Alfonso Emilio Gerevini, Alessandro Saetti and Mauro Vallati
 Exploiting Macro-actions and Predicting Plan Length in Planning as Satisfiability
 15:30  Juan Jose Palacios, Camino R. Vela, Ines Gonzalez-Rodriguez and Jorge Puente Peinador
 A Particle Swarm Solution based on Lexicographical Goal Programming for a Multiobjective Fuzzy  Open Shop Problem
 Coffee break

 Satisfiability and Quantified Boolean Formulae (session chair: L. Pulina)
 16:30  Christian Miller, Paolo Marin and Bernd Becker
 A Dynamic QBF Preprocessing Approach for the Verification of Incomplete Designs 
 17:00  Federico Heras, Antonio Morgado and Joao Marques-Silva
 An Empirical Study of Encodings for Group MaxSAT
 17:30  Mikolas Janota and Joao Marques-Silva
 On Checking of Skolem-based Models of QBF 
 Closing remarks and end of the workshop