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Workshop Programme

Facolta` di Ingegneria
Universita` di Bologna
Viale Risorgimento, 2
room 8.1

Thursday 10 June 2010

Sessione speciale RiCeRcA 2010: RCRA Incontri e Confronti (in italiano)

 Presentazioni brevi
 9:30 Stefano Bragaglia, Federico Chesani, Paola Mello, Marco Montali, Davide Sottara.
 Forward Rules and Fuzzy Ontological Reasoning: Heading toward Tight Integration.
 9:40 Massimiliano Cattafi, Michela Milano, Marco Gavanelli, Paolo Cagnoli.
 Posizionamento sostenibile di centrali a biomassa: un'applicazione di computational sustainability
 nell'ambito della pianificazione ambientale regionale.

 9:50 Alessandra Mileo.
 Knowledge-Based Support to Qualitative Multi-Sensor Fusion for Situation Assessment.
 10:00 Stefano Bistarelli, Amedeo Cesta, Agostino Dovier, Maurizio Gabbrielli, Francesca Rossi.
 Innovative and multi-disciplinary approaches for constraint and preference reasoning
 (a MIUR PRIN research project).

 Pausa caffè
 Sessione comune con poster, demo e presentazioni approfondite
 12:10 Riunione annuale del gruppo di lavoro RCRA
 12:30 Pranzo (*)

RCRA 2010: 17th RCRA International Workshop on
"Experimental evaluation of algorithms for solving problems with combinatorial explosion"

 14:20 Welcome
  Planning and Scheduling
 14:30 Angelo Oddi, Riccardo Rasconi, Amedeo Cesta and Stephen Smith.
 Job Shop Scheduling with Setup Times: Exploring the Applicability of a Constraint-based
 Iterative Sampling Approach
 15:00  Marco Maratea.
 An experimental evaluation of Max-SAT and PB solvers on over-subscription planning problems
 15:30 Marco Baioletti, Alfredo Milani, Valentina Poggioni and Fabio Rossi.
 Experimental evaluation of pheromone models in ACOPlan
 16:00 Coffee break
  Local Search
 16:30 Alfonso E. Gerevini, Alessandro Saetti, Ivan Serina and Paolo Toninelli.
 Fast Planning in Domains with Derived Predicates: An Approach Based on Rule-Action Graphs
 and Local Search
 17:00 Daniel Guimarans, Rosa Herrero, Daniel Riera, Ángel A. Juan and Juan José Ramos.
 Combining Constraint Programming, Lagrangian Relaxation and Probabilistic Algorithms
 to solve the Vehicle Routing Problem
 17:30 Short break
  Logic programming 1
 17:45 Mario Alviano, Wolfgang Faber and Nicola Leone.
 Well-Founded Semantics for Logic Programs with Aggregates: Implementation and Experimentation
 18:15 Duygu Cakmak, Halit Erdogan and Esra Erdem.
 Computing Weighted Solutions in ASP: Representation-Based Method vs. Search-Based Method
 18:45 End of the day
Social dinner (*)

Friday 11 June 2010

RCRA 2010: 17th RCRA International Workshop on
"Experimental evaluation of algorithms for solving problems with combinatorial explosion"

  SAT & PB
 Oscar Chavez-Bosquez, Pilar Pozos Parra and Florian Lengyel.
 Towards a Deterministic Algorithm for the International Timetabling Competition
 10:30 Joao Marques-Silva, Josep Argelich, Ana Graça and Ines Lynce.
 Boolean Lexicographic Optimization
 11:00 Carsten Sinz.
 Problem-Sensitive Restart Heuristics for the DPLL Procedure
 11:30 Coffee break

 Logic Programming 2
 12:00 Fabrizio Riguzzi and Terrance Swift.
 Tabling and Answer Subsumption for Reasoning on Logic Programs with Annotated Disjunctions
 12:30 Simona Perri, Francesco Ricca and Marco Sirianni.
 Towards a Fully-Parallel DLV System
 13:00 Lunch (*)
 15:00 Alessandra Mileo, Torsten Schaub, Davide Merico and Roberto Bisiani.
 Knowledge-Based Multi-Criteria Optimization to Support Indoor Positioning
 15:30 Andrea Addis, Giuliano Armano and Eloisa Vargiu.
 Experimental Assessment of a Threshold Selection Algorithm for Tuning Classifiers
 in the Field of Hierarchical Text Categorization
 16:00 Coffee break
 16:30 Luca Pulina and Armando Tacchella.
 An Abstraction-Refinement Approach to Verification of Artificial Neural Networks
 17:00 Marco Alberti, Pierangelo Dell'Acqua and Luís Moniz Pereira.
 Observation Strategies for Event Detection, with Incidence on Runtime Verification
 17:30 Stefania Costantini, Pierangelo Dell'Acqua, Luis Moniz Pereira and Arianna Tocchio.
 Ensuring Agent Properties under Arbitrary Sequences of Incoming Events
 17:50 Closing remarks and announcements
 18:00 End of the workshop
 18:30 Short walk in the city center and social aperitif (*)
 21:00 More social dinner (*)

(*) Since RCRA 2010 has no registration fee, lunches, social dinners, and the social aperitif are at your expense.
     Indicative prices will be given during the workshop. Separate invoices will be issued so that you can easily
     ask for reimbursement at your institution.