RCRA 2010

17th RCRA International Workshop on 

"Experimental evaluation of algorithms for solving problems with combinatorial explosion"

in association with CP-AI-OR 2010

Bologna, Italy, June 10-11, 2010.

The workshop will take place few days before CP-AI-OR 2010, which will start on Monday, June 14 in Bologna.

This event follows the series of the RCRA (Knowledge Representation and Automated Reasoning) annual meetings, held since 1994. The success of the previous events shows that RCRA is becoming a major forum for exchanging ideas and proposing experimentation methodologies for algorithms in artificial intelligence.

Aims and scope

Many problems in Artificial Intelligence show an exponential explosion of the search space. Although stemming from different research areas in AI, such problems are often addressed with algorithms that have a common goal: the effective exploration of huge state spaces. Many algorithms developed in one research area are applicable to other problems, or can be hybridised with techniques in other areas. Artificial Intelligence tools often exploit or hybridise techniques developed by other research communities, such as Operations Research. 

In recent years, research in AI has more and more focussed on experimental evaluation of algorithms, the development of suitable methodologies for experimentation and analysis, the study of languages and the implementation of systems for the definition and solution of problems.

Scope of the workshop is fostering the cross-fertilisation of ideas stemming from different areas, proposing benchmarks for new challenging problems, comparing models and algorithms from an experimental viewpoint, and, in general, comparing different approaches with respect to efficiency, problem modelling, and ease of development.


The workshop has no registration fee; however, to help the organization of the workshop, we kindly ask participants to fill-in the RCRA 2010 registration form and send it by email to the local organizer

Workshop Programme
The workshop programme is available here.


  • March 14 March 21: abstract submission
  • March 21 March 31: paper submission
  • April 18 April 25: Notification of acceptance/reject
  • April 30: Hotel reservation at special conference price
  • May 10: Early registration for CP-AI-OR (participation to RCRA is not subject to participation to CPAIOR)
  • May 16 May 18: Final version
  • June 10-11: RCRA Workshop

Other information

Anche quest'anno il gruppo RCRA organizza, durante il workshop internazionale, la sessione in italiano RiCeRcA 2010: RCRA Incontri e Confronti.
L'invio degli abstract è previsto entro il 20 Maggio 2010.