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Friday, 11 Dec 2009

SESSION "Experimentation of Combinatorial Algorithms" @ AI*IA 2009

10:5011:20Enrico Giunchiglia and Marco MarateaImproving plan quality in SAT‐based planning
11:2011:50Antti E.J. Hyvärinen, Tommi Junttila and Ilkka NiemeläPartitioning Search Spaces of a Randomized Search
11:5012:20Michele Lombardi, Michela Milano, Andrea Roli and Alessandro ZanariniDeriving information from sampling and diving
12:2012:50Marenglen Biba, Stefano Ferilli and Floriana EspositoHigh Performing Algorithms for MAP and Conditional Inference in Markov Logic

RCRA 2009: Experimental evaluation of algorithms for solving problems with combinatorial explosion


Local search
16:0516:30Jun He, Pierre Flener, and Justin PearsonAn automaton Constraint for Local Search
16:3016:55Raffaele Cipriano, Luca Di Gaspero, and Agostino DovierA Hybrid Solver for Large Neighborhood Search: Mixing Gecode and EasyLocal++
16:5517:20Toni Mancini, Pierre Flener, Amir Hossein Monshi, and Justin PearsonConstrained optimization over massive databases

17:4018:05Alfonso E. Gerevini, Alessandro Saetti, and Ivan SerinaAn Empirical Analysis of Some Heuristic Features for Planning with Local Search in LPG
18:0518:30A. Cesta, A. Finzi, S. Fratini, A. Orlandini, and E. TronciFlexible Plan Verification: Feasibility Results

20:30--Social dinner

Saturday, 12 Dec 2009

RiCeRcA 2009: RCRA Incontri e Confronti (in Italian)

9:0010:20Presentazioni brevi, sessione comune poster e demo
10:2010:30Riunione del gruppo di lavoro RCRA (in Italian)
10:3011:00Coffee break

RCRA 2009: Experimental evaluation of algorithms for solving problems with combinatorial explosion

Constraint Satisfaction and ASP
11:0011:25Inês Lynce and Joao Marques-SilvaRestoring CSP Satisfiability with MaxSAT
11:5012:15Mehmet Çelik, Halit Erdogan, Fırat Tahaoglu, Tansel Uras, and Esra Erdem Comparing ASP and CP on Four Grid Puzzles
12:1512:40Simona Perri, Francesco Ricca, and Marco SirianniAdvanced Heuristics for Parallel ASP Instantiation
12:4014:45Lunch break

QBF & Model checking
14:4515:10Paolo Marin, Matthew Lewis, Tobias Schubert, Massimo Narizzano, Bernd Becker, and Enrico Giunchiglia Evaluation of Knowledge Sharing Strategies in a Parallel QBF Solver
15:1015:35Luca Pulina and Armando TacchellaA structural approach to reasoning with quantified Boolean formulas
15:3516:00Damiano Angeletti, Enrico Giunchiglia, Massimo Narizzano, Gabriele Palma, Alessandra Puddu, and Salvatore Sabina Improving the Automatic Test Generation process for Coverage Analysis using CBMC
16:0016:30Coffee break

16:3016:55Fabio Massimo Zanzotto and Lorenzo dell'ArcipreteEfficient Kernels for Sentence Pair Classification
16:5517:20Angel A. Juan, Scott E. Grasman, Javier Faulin, Daniel Riera, and Carlos A. Méndez Applying Simulation and Reliability to Vehicle Routing Problems with Stochastic Demands
17:2017:45Toni ManciniNegotiation exploiting reasoning by projections

20:30--(More) Social dinner