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Working group on Knowledge Representation and Automated Reasoning

(Rappresentazione della Conoscenza e Ragionamento Automatico)

Last events

Pisa, Italy, 11 December 2014

Leaning Tower of Pisa (source: shedexpedition.com)

RCRA Incontri e Confronti
 (R.i.C.e.R.c.A. 2014)

Un workshop del 

L'evento è diretto a favorire l'incontro fra i ricercatori appartenenti alle diverse aree di interesse del Gruppo di Lavoro RCRA.

Vienna, Austria, 17-18 July 2014

Part of the Vienna Summer of Logic 
co-located with SAT 2014, ICLP 2014, IJCAR 2014 

This event follows the series of the RCRA (Knowledge Representation and Automated Reasoning) annual meetings, held since 1994. The success of the previous events shows that RCRA is becoming a major forum for exchanging ideas and proposing experimentation methodologies for algorithms in artificial intelligence. 

 As in the previous years, we plan to publish a selection of the best papers presented at the workshop as a special issue of an international journal.